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DLEVERED Logistics is a solutions company that focuses on delivering value in time, money or both. US factory supply chains are dependent on the Maquila industry to deliver; however, far too frequently they fall short of deadlines and a reliable, expedited, transportation option is necessary. DLEVERED Logistics relies on the quantitative analytics and business intelligence gathered on lane densities, spot-rates, import/export levels, currency changes, weather patterns, and even more market and socioeconomic variables. This allows the Company to provide not only some of the most qualified rates but also the most client
aligned service.


DLEVERED Industries takes pride in its analytical systems and data sourcing methodologies.

Given the growing nature of big data and connectivity, the team believes solutions do not lie in building new infrastructures but instead on enhancing the existing.

At the core of our philosophy lies the vision of one day playing an integral role in organizing all movement and efficiently aligning those that travel with that which must move.


DLEVERED is constantly researching new and exciting features and system developments in order to continue to add efficiencies to the market. Currently, our hard-working team of engineers and programmers is near completion on a beta release of DLEVERED’s new Warehouse Management System. The new module is designed to grant the same simple, but controlled, access seen in our Virtual Freight Brokerage system but this time for warehouse owners and users. Although excited to soon add Warehouses, we continue to look to integrate additional vendors of the supply chain into our system, providing constant and real-time security, tracking, payment, and reporting visibility all across logistics.



DLEVERED, and its management team have tremendous respect for the Transportation and Logistics Industry and
those who built it; however, the company was formed with intentions of casting a diverse, fresh look into the
market. The Company’s core team looks to bring over 50 years of diverse business experience, leveraging successes in finance, construction logistics, photo and project documentation, real estate, distressed debt, global forwarding,
and technology.











DLEVERED implements a diagnostic approach to every potential engagement, starting with a high-level review of the organization and ultimately leading to diligent research into each business segment, exhausting efforts, and resources to reduce costs and/or increase efficiency for our client. 

The leadership team of DLEVERED intends to bring a sophisticated platform of strategies and business practices to shippers and transportation companies. DLEVERED will supplement the business and logistics efforts of others through diligently exploring value-add tactics in real estate, storage/warehousing, asset management, freight, and more



DLEVERED Concepts identified a need to add efficiencies through creating consolidated data systems that aggregate supply chain vendor information, tracking, and business intelligence, specific to
Latin America. Utilizing hardware, software, and technology services, DLEVERED
intends to provide efficiency to the supply chain industry via the aggregation of vendors and data, enabling intelligent international business decisions, and most importantly, a level of automated and integrated logistics.


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